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Why Is TikTok So Obsessed With the “Clear” Magnificence Look? Truthfully, I am Over It

I am not on TikTok for the wonder developments – stunning, coming from somebody who writes about magnificence for a dwelling, I do know. I am actually simply there for the memes and a break from Instagram’s unwavering, manufactured perfection. However in all places I flip (er, scroll), I am met with movies of “clear” magnificence tutorials that reek of that very same unattainable perfection. Not “clear” as in clean ingredients, clear as within the appears themselves, which normally encompass smooth, slicked-back hair, pores and skin that glows sufficient to blind passersby, and very minimal make-up involving sheer complexion merchandise, light-weight mascara, and a bit of little bit of tinted lip balm. 

For those who search #cleanlook on the app, you may discover tons of of movies, principally tutorials, accumulating greater than 22 million views. You may also discover the clear look on nearly each A-list mannequin lately. It appears to be the off-duty hair and make-up of selection for Hailey Bieber, Bella Hadid, Gigi Hadid, and the like. Here is the half the place you get mad at me: It bores me to fucking demise. 

There’s nothing unsuitable in any respect with preserving make-up and hairstyling minimal, so if that is your recreation, you do you (hell, I do it on a regular basis). It is the truth that the web is so, so entranced particularly with the “clear look” that units me off. As a result of, y’all, it is actually a repackaged model of no-makeup makeup, and that shit has been round endlessly. There’s nothing new or revolutionary occurring right here.

As soon as I had that realization, all of it clicked: Individuals aren’t actually demanding clean-look tutorials as a result of they do not perceive how slicked-back hair works or that tinted sunscreen exists. It is as a result of the first individuals who go viral or are recognized for emulating the clear look have straight or wavy hair, clear pores and skin, naturally full brows, and are — you guessed it — younger, white (or light-skinned), skinny, and conventionally engaging. 

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